“Nathan is one of the most talented persons I have ever met . . .  He is able to bring to the sound an element of freshness and surprise, and a degree of augmented realism that is both impressive and compelling.”

Wieslaw Woszczyk, Founder and Director, McGill Sound Recording

“The sound that Nathan achieves with his recordings is remarkable; he masters in depth . . . “

Martha de Francisco, McGill Sound Recording Chair

“Nathan is a true professional.  With Nathan at the board, no matter what style of music we’re tracking, from jazz to rock to pop, he always brings the recordings to life.”

– Derek Gray, Drummer/Percussionist

“He’s got great ears and serves the music always.  I’ve witnessed him use his skills to create both very transparent mixes and also some things I could have never imagined myself.  He’s a true craftsman and a great hang!”

– Matt Giffin, Keyboardist/Producer

“Whenever I get a mix from Nathan, I know it’s going to be a good day . . .  I barely have to do anything!  His recordings and mixes are always spot on!  Seriously . . .  do your music a favour and work with Nathan!”

– Reuben Ghose, Chief Mastering Engineer at Mojito Mastering

“Working with Nathan is always a richly rewarding experience.  He is without a doubt, a reliable resource when it comes to musicality through engineering.  With his positive attitude, professionalism, and his drive for perfection, he helped me achieve the best possible sound for my project!”

Aline Homzy, Violinist

“Nathan proved himself as one who works efficiently and with clear intent.  He’s extremely attentive and always serious about his work while maintaining a calm attitude and sharp sense of humour.”

– George Massenburg, GML Inc.MDW

“Having worked with Nathan for many years, he has become an integral force for the music I produce.  His technical proficiency and awareness makes it easy to reach the intended outcome.  He can be trusted with creative decisions while still maintaining perspective on the artist’s personal sound.  Nathan’s level of commitment and focus is above and beyond what is asked of him.  As a sound engineer, I’ve found him to be the most efficient and professional; As a friend and  mentor, he’s been a huge asset to all of the projects in which I’ve been involved.”

– Colin Nealis, the o’darling, Andy ShaufAidan KnightPocket Orchestra

“Nathan made my album (Nova Scotia) sound amazing.  He understood exactly what sound I was going for and the result was better than I could have imagined.”

– Mikko Hildén, Mikko Hildén Group

“Nathan has a hardcore appreciation for music and that’s the most important thing.  Aside from his obvious knowledge and professionalism, he’s artistic.  Plus, I’ve seen him in some pretty prickly situations and the guy doesn’t break a sweat.”

Jennah Barrythe o’darling

“I could count on Nathan’s dedication, attention to detail, skill, versatility, keen musical sense, ideas, feedback, and good humour to inspire a creative environment.  On top of all that he ALWAYS delivers a top quality product regardless of the genres that I’ve thrown at him.  I trust him with my music now and I will work with him for years to come.”

Andrew Kesler, Multi-Instrumentalist

“NCM is a total pro.  He’ll make you sound like a million bucks in the studio and he brings his A-game to every session.”

Eli Bennett, Saxophonist / Film Composer

“Nathan balances serious hard work and intense focus with a sense of encouragement and positive energy.  His knowledge of music from both sides of the spectrum is beyond impressive as is his ability to connect with and bring to life any artist’s vision.”

Katie McBride, Composer / Trumpet Player

“Nathan Carter Moore is a Jedi of engineering . . . “

– Will Hebbes, Guitarist

“NCM is a master of the dark arts and I loved working with him so much!!!”


“Nathan Carter Moore’s real professional experience provides a much richer learning experience . . . “

– Anonymous Student Questionnaire Comment